Kiskis Kreations - Handmade soaps, body products and soy candles
Kiskis Kreations Clover and Aloe soap
Handmade fragrance oil soapFragrance  Oil Scents
Handmade fragrance oil soap, nearly natural

Here are the same great soaps as you get with the essential oils but with fragrance oils. They also have shea butter, olive oil, coconut and organic sustainable palm oil,  just with scents that are hard to come by in nature. All of my soaps average between 4 and 5 ounces each 
Coffee Scrub- OOS
Made with fresh coffee and coffee grounds for exfoliation and of course shea butter. Definitely a wake you up scent VEGAN
Price: $5.00
Nag Champa
A sweet intoxicating incense like scent. A mix of patchouli, sandalwood and dragons blood will take you back to the 60's VEGAN
Price: $5.00
Cool Water
Smells just like the popular mens cologne. VEGAN
Price: $5.00
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